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Buck and the Preacher
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Buck and The Preacher

Starring: Sidney Poiter, Harry Belafonte,
Ruby Dee, Cameron Mitchell
Director: Sidney Poiter

Buck and The Preacher tells the story of the perils faced by a wagon train of courageous black settlers. It's the 1860s and Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation has just freed the country's slaves. Buck (Sidney Poiter) is an ex-Union Army Cavalry sergeant who becomes the guide for this group of western bound homesteaders. At his side is wife, (Ruby Dee), and The Preacher (Harry Belafonte), the former slave of a hypocritical white preacher. The peaceful journey of these pioneers is suddenly menaced by the sadistic Deshay (Cameron Mitchell), head of a group of vigilante night raiders resentful of the black men's newly-gained freedom. The two forces meet in an intensely dramatic struggle.

Available on Video and DVD

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