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That Man Bolt
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That Man Bolt

Starring: Fred Williamson

Director: Henry Levin

Meet the highest-flying, hardest-hitting dude the world has ever faced! It's Jefferson Bolt on the case. When you need a real man of steel, martial arts expert Jefferson Bolt is on the high-priced pick for the job. His lastest client, a mysterious British man with a cool million in cash, has an offer that Bolt can't refuse: transport his money from Hong Kong to Mexico City or be sent to prison on phony charges.

But halfway to his destination, Bolt discovers that the money is funny, and that he's been setup to take the fall. With a price on his head and nowhere to turn, Bolt sets off to destroy the crime syndicate that dared take him on. From high stakes danger in glitzy Las Vegas to high-speed chases through gritty Los Angeles, Bolt strikes back again and again with an explosive battle culminating in a fiery finish.

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