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Women In Cages
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Women In Cages

Starring: Pam Grier, Jennifer Gan,
Judy Brown, Roberta Collins
Director: Jerry deLeon

An innocent woman is arrested for possession of heroin. Her guilty boyfriend tells her to be silent and he will get her out. She obediently says nothing in her defense and gets 20 years in prison.

In prison, the head matron is a black lesbian American, named Alabama (Pam Grier). She takes pleasure in alternatively loving and torturing the prisoners while paying a local bandit gang to retrieve escapees. The gang tortures the escaped prisoners and brings them back dead for the rewards.

Ultimately, three of the major characters (one is Alabama's former lover) escape and take Alabama with them as hostage. Tracked by the gang she once hired, Alabama and her lover are on the run for thier lives.

This women's prison epic serves up action-packed, juicy fare and shows Pam Grier at her heyday best.

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