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The Richard Pryor Show - vol.4
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Title: The Richard Pryor Show, vol. 4
Cast: Tim Reid, Marsha Warfield, "Detroit" John Witherspoon,
Robin Williams, with Paul Mooney and Micheal Peters
Director: NBC

Plot: After the success of "Silver Streak" and " Greased Lightening", Richard Pryor was contracted by NBC to star in his own Variety hour. Controversial from the start and plagued with censorship problems, the network quickly cut it's committment from ten episodes to five. Scheduled against the powerhouse ABC hits "Happy Days" and "Laverne and Shirley", it's ratings success was doomed from the start.

What remains are some of the funniest moments in the history of television. Brilliant and poignant at times and always hilarious, these little seen gems capture Pryor at his satirical peak, toeing the line of the mainstream, fearlessly pushing the limits of comedy.

First aired September 13th, 1977 - October 20th, 1977
Each video is 55 minutes in length.

Vol. 4
Sketches:Psycho - Hanna Benny, Dr. Jekly, Mr. Hyde meets the Black Wino, El Neggro, "The Black Roast" Host: Paul Mooney with John Witherspoon, Allegra Allison, Tim Reid, Marsha Warfield, Robin Williams, Sandra Bernhart, Jimmy Martinez, Vic Donna and Davie Banks, "Coward" (Blck rancher out West) with Marlene Clark, Pryor introduces comedian Charlie Hill, The Titanic - Life Boat episode, The Gun Shop, Santa Claus Rebuttal, Richard Pryor thanks audience.

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