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Flip Wilson, vol. 2
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Flip, vol.2

Starring: Flip Wilson, Ray Charles, Don Rickles, Leslie Uggams,
Tim Conway, Redd Foxx, Booby Darin

Who would have thought that in 1970 an African-American man dressed in drag would have a hit variety television show? By today's standards this seems tame, but back then Flip Wilson was a pioneer. How can anyone forget Reverand LeRoy and his Church Of What Happening Now, everyday man Freddie Johnson, and, of course, Geraldine Jones letting everyone know "What you see is what you get!" First appearing in households nationwide September 17, 1970, The Flip Wilson Show (65 in all) won two Emmy awards before going off the air in June of 1974.

When Flip hires Good Time Rent A Friend and Don Rickles shows up, you know there's going to be trouble. That's only one of the golden moments on this amazing tape that includes Geraldine Jones singing with Ray Charles, Redd Foxx as a hecker, Bobby Darin and Flip in a fathering class taught by Tim Conway, plus a whole lot more!

Available on Video and DVD

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