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Hood Life Cyphas, vol.2, ch.1
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Hood Life Cyphas, vol.2, ch.1



If you missed Hood Life Cyphas, vol.1 here's your chance to cop the DVD everybody on your block's been talking about. Filmed live on the streets and packed with over 60 minutes of the hottest unsigned artists from your hood spittin' tha' real, tha' raw, uncut, uncensored, no holds barred, fight club style, in your face battle rhymes. No one is bringing it to you pure like the HOODLIFE MOVEMENT. Hosted by SOULSIC and featuring exclusive interview celebrity interviews and freestyle sessions, if you really wanna know was' up then cop Hood Life Cyphas, volume 2, chapter 1. MTV, BET done loss their ghetto pass, we are the CNN of da' hood!!! HLM

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