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This is it Folks

from the creator of FRITZ THE CAT and HEAVY TRAFFIC

Ever since the ultra-notorious 'X-rated and animated" cult classic "Fritz The Cat" hit the screens of 1972, animation auteur Ralph Bakshi, in only four pictures ("Fritz The Cat", Heavy Traffic, "Street Fight" and "American Pop") shook up American animation like Fellini shook up live action. The most conterversial of the foursome was "Coonskin" now retitled "Street Fight", this film is not only Bakshi's masterpiece but arguably the greatest piece of animation ever created. Written and directed by Bakshi the film is a brilliant acid satire of pop culture. This film manages to be super offensive about EVERYTHING, from Disney musicals to buxom blondes. "Street Fight" is a masterpiece.

While waiting out his escape from prison, a man listens to an older prisoner tell the animated story of a rabbit, a bear, and a fox who rise to the top of the crime ranks in Harlem by getting rid of a black con man, a racist white cop, and the Godfather of the Mafia.

Price: $19.99 [DVD only]

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