My Manz and 'Em

My Manz and 'Em

by J.M. Benjamin

Growing up in the West Second street housing projects, in Plainfield, New Jersey, Malik Jones has based his life and reputation in the streets on loyalty and respect.

The son of a hustler, yet fatherless, he is raised by a single, working, mother of three. Malik's life is impacted by these circumstances and he easily becomes influenced by his surroundings at a young age. Teaming up with neighborhood friends, Malik gains instant status in the streets as he and his team climb the criminal latter.

Now a seasoned veteran in the game, Malik is ready to take he and his crew to the top, when he is taught a valuable lesson by his closest comrades. After an inevitable prison sentence, finding himself and religion, Malik is stepping out with the intent of climbing a new ladder and taking a better path. With a new outlook on life, Malik is even able to discover real love. But, as with anything else in life, you must first crawl before you can walk. See what Malik Jones is faced with as he struggles to crawl in a world where it seems the deck is stacked against him...Especially after he runs into his Manz and 'Em!

Price: $15.00 [Book - Paperback]

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