Ski-Mask Way

Ski-Mask Way

by Randy "Ski" Thompson

Isaiah "Sky" Thompson is a young man who plans to get his family out of the 'hood with his basketball skills, but when he goes to college and things don't turn out the way he hoped, he trades in his hoop dreams for street dreams.

Ski and six of his of his childhood friends, The go-Hard Crew, go on a robbing spree across New York State--no one and no place of business is off limits. After a botched robbery cliams the life of one of his best friends, and he finally finds true love, Ski vows to change his life and returns to school. making fast money comes with a high penalty, and Ski quickly learns that once the streets get a grip on you, it's hard to break loose.

If you liked Ski Mask Way, get the sequel, Ski Mask Way2.

Price: $15.00 [Book - Paperback]

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