ASIS presents Maserati Rick

ASIS presents Maserati Rick


Executive Producer:

Richard Carter aka Maserati Rick was one of the mosty flashy drug dealers to ever come off of Detroit's East side. Gifted with the gift of gab, Maserati would penerate all arenas he entered. As a founding member of Detroit's well known drug cartel "Best Friends" organization, Maserati would become a legend amongst the already established underground figures of Detroit. His drive and determination was matched with Detroit's already murderous past. Killing was a way of life in Detroit and Maserati would quickly follow the lands ways.

In addition to being quick with the trigger he was also quick with his hands, allowing him to capture the attention of Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns who he ended up being a bodyguard for. His flair and style further propelled him to becoming a manager in the boxing game, managing his brother Greg Carter and setting up large fight purses all the while involved in a multi-million dollar drug network.

Maserati Rick was estimated to have earned in excess of $20 million dollars in heroin and cocaine sales and direct the drug traffic flow of the east side. His control would eventually be challenged and his life would come to an end in a Detroit hospital guarded by hospital police. The Maserati Rick story is one that changed Detroit laws on hospital procedures and a story that became a part of Detroit's drug/violent history, a must see.

Watch this real life docu-drama as told by greg Carter (Rick's older brother), Big "E" (Rick's younger brother), his son Maserati Rick Jr. and many more.

Price: $19.99 [DVD]

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