Bloccs, Projects and Entertainment, Vol.3

Bloccs, Projects and Entertainment, Vol.3


Director/editor Ruff Bone does it again. Bloccs, Projects and Entertainment, Vol.3 DVD documentary. A compelling documentary like no other.

A gripping glimpse into the ghetto streets of Pittsburgh, PA. Take a tour through different gang neighborhoods such as The Hilltop, Dallas Ave and North View Heights Crips, East Hills and Garfield Bloods, Wilson Ave O.Gz, West Side Convicts and J Town Hoods. Witness the truth about different neighborhood wars.

Rappers, Trappers, Hustlas, Gang Bangers, Killers, Dead Homies, Drugs, Snitches, Crackheads, Sexy Women and Hood Rats. This DVD has it all.

Price: $14.99 [DVD]

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