Ike Atkinson Kingpin: In His Own Words

Ike Atkinson Kingpin: In His Own Words


Ike Atkinson, Kingpin: In His Own Words, chronicles the story of North Carolina's Leslie "Ike" Atkinson, an adventurer, gambler and one of U.S. history's most original gangsters. Ike never carried a gun and never worked with La Cosa Nostra. Under the cover of the Vietnam War and through the use of the U.S. military infrastructure, Atkinson masterminded an enterprising group of family members and formwer African American GIs that the DEA identified as one of history's ten top drug trafficking rings. Ike's organization moved more than $400 million worth of heroin from Thailand to Noth Carolina military bases and beyond between 1968 and 1975.

The recent movie, "American Gangster", which purportedly depicted the criminal career of Frank Lucas, distorted Atkinson's historical role in the international drug trade. Sergeant Smack exposes the lies about the Ike Atkinson-Frank Lucas relationship and documents how Ike, not Lucas, pioneered the Asian heroin connection.

Sergeant Smack's criminal activities sparked the creation of a special DEA unit code named Centac 9, which conducted an intensive three-year investigation across three continents. Sergeant Smack was elusive, but the discovery of his palm print on a kilo of heroin finally took him down.

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