Murder City

Murder City

Featuring: Alex Thomas, Roy Houston, Paul Howard, Ziploc Moe, 7 the General,
Everett Taylor, Manno, Ice/Harlem World, motsi Ski/DMW, Fred Rocquemore
Executive Producers: Don Overton, Sr., Walter and Joyce Haskett

Murder City is the story of Detroit's history of violence and its portrayal in the national media.

Filled with archival film and television footage from the rum wars of the roaring 20's, to the drug wars of the 80's and 90's. From the corruption of Jimmy Hoffa and La Cosa Nostra, to the murderous legacy of the Young Boys Incorporated and the Black Mafia Family, "Murder City" explores the history of crime & corruption in America's most dangerous city.

Gangsters come and Gangsters go, but the city remains.

Price: $19.99 [DVD only]

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