Ask a Player

by Original White Folks

Ask a Player is an enticing and intoxicating book created to answer questions from the mainstream public in an entertaining, enlightening and emotionally charged question and anser forum.

Readers will be stimulated and provoked with mind-blowing realism wrapped in tell-all answers filled with wit, humor and intellect. White Folks answers each question with controversial introspects into life, the streets, relationships, religion and more.

Ask a Player is the hard-hitting truth, delivered by an old school player, who has no qualms about telling it like it really is.

"My use of graphic, undiluted, oftentimes offensive language is necessary tp preserve the authentic flavor of my answers." - Original White Folks

"White Folks comes out blazing razor sharp wit from both barrels riding a horse called The Butt Naked Truth." - Mark "Big Silk" Williams

Price: $14.99

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