by Styles P

Jake Billings is usually cool under pressure, but when two stick-up kids rob his record store. Jake opens fire on them, landing him in prison. Five days in, he recieves an anonymous letter telling him that his days are numbered. But before he can find who's behind the threats, Jake is stabbed and ends ups in a coma.

When he wakes in a hospital bed two years later, things have changed. His prison sentence has been commuted, his girlfriend is now fiercely independent, and his side piece has gotten out of the street life altogether. But one thing remains the same: Jake's enemy still wants him dead and is powerful enough to track him down no matter where he hides.

On the run, and with rumors circulating about a powerful, phantom-like gang called the 300 Crew, Jake will need to rely on his mantra. Trust no one - not the law, not his girl, not the street cats he helped out years ago, not even his own blood.

Price: $14.00 [Book - Paperback]

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