Last of a Dying Breed

Last of a Dying Breed

by Akbar Pray

Before you, a story of urban love, criminal genius, unbridled ambition and the ruthless pursuit of power, with cast of characters one will not easily forget.

Omar Grey, a child raised into a dope infested, impovershed enviornment, but determined by any means necessary to lift himself and his family from the muck and mire in which they live.

Funky Sam, a Shakespearian, Edgar Allen Poe, Kipling quoting dope fiend, who would find in the fertile mind of young Omar a hild with a rapacious appetitte fro learning and a near photographic mind.

Mitch, Omar's uncle, the breadwinner in Omar's drug dealing family and the only father and role model he has ever known.

Mary,the bi-racial beauty who at the tender age of fourteen with the body of a woman, but the mind of a child, finds the easy money and allure of prostitution, a temptation she cannot resist.

Price: $17.00 [Book - Paperback]

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