Locked Up But Not Locked Down

by Ahmariah Jackson and Iatomic Seven

"A valuable and wonderful piece of work, that may light fires in the minds of many, to not only live full, productive, life-affirming lives when they leave these joints, but also to see how to not even come this way...This book will better the lives of many, many people - both in and out of prison." - Mumia Abu Jamal, award-winning journalist and internationally-renowned author, Pennsylvania death row prisoner since 1982


You want to see how much of what you see in the prison movies (and hear from friends) is straight up lies.

You want to know what life in prison is really like...from over 80 people who really did the time, not an "expert" who never did a day.

You want all the details you can't find on the internet.

You're not worried about going to prison, but considering the odds, you'd rather be prepared..."just in case".

You're facing time and want some insight on what it will be like inside of the county jail, state prison, the Feds, juvenile detention, or a women's prison...and how to deal with it.

You're currently incarcerated and want over 1,000 years of collective insight on how to make the best of your time.

You want to know how to get the best exercise regimen, diet, daily routine, and educational pursuits while incarcerated.

You're currently awaiting release and want to prepare for a successful return to civilian life...meaning NOT going back to prison.

You're a parent, teacher, mentor, or community worker who wants to share this wisdom with youth as "preventative maintenance".

Locked Up But Not Locked Down features contributions from Chi Ali (hip hop pioneer), Bang 'Em Smurf (cofunder of G-Unit), Seth Ferranti author of Prison Stories, Demico Boothe (author of Why Are So Many Black Men in Prison?), Supreme Understanding (author of How to Hustle and Win), Eric Mayo, (author of From Jail to Job), and dozens of others.

Price: $14.95

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