No Turnin Back

No Turnin Back

by Don Q

Move with caution as you enter the evil streets of the small city of Newburgh, NY. A city where the streets are theeconomy, and opportunities are slim to none.

Witness the struggle of two brothers, Quron and Nuri, as they re-enter society after serving a decade in some of the most grusome prisons in New York. Quron is determined to start a new life that desn't include the streets, while Nuri has resolved to make it by any means necessary. The brothers soon learn that leaving the past behind is easier said than done. Just when they thought it was over, SEX, MONEY MURDER...the STREETS, pull them right back in.

In this compelling drama, betrayal creeps from the shadows of jealous ly and greed. loyalty and the ties that bind are rested As Quron and Nuri sprial into the unknown. Will they rise above the turmoil, or will they once again fall victim to the streets?

Price: $15.00 [Book - Paperback]

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