Objective Hate - the prequel

Objective Hate - the prequel

by Troi "Star" Torain

Controversial luminary STAR hosted the number-one trated urban morning show in New York City - the top radio market in America - and was syndicated nationally. No stranger to media scrutiny, he now delivers the first of a highly anticipated, three-part series about his branded philosophy : Objective Hate

More than an autobiography, Objective Hate is a manifesto, delivering the gritty details of Star's path from suburban troublemaker to urban player, media legend and, ultimately, stanch believer in Objective Hate.

This relentless, free thought-provoking historical record captures the essence of one man's quest for meaning amid meaninglessness and exposes the falsehood of subjective truth.

It is a product of a determined, egocentric journey into realms of infinite possibilities, a testament to the holy and unholy powers of man's mind.

The exploration of Objective Hate is an experience beneficial to businessmen, strategists, seekers, finders and laymen alike. It is a beacon of light, illuminating the torrid waterways of posterity.

Price: $13.95 [Book - Paperback]

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