Rayful Edmond

by Seth Ferranti

Washington D.C.'s most notorious drug lord

"Authors don't get much realer than Seth Ferranti. Having spent the last twenty years in prison he brings his readers the insider stories of the gangsters and tells it like it is. -

"Ferranti's writing vividly captures the good, the bad and the often ugly imagery of the real underworld history and characters, as only someone with his access could from behind prison walls." -

"Seth Ferranti writes from the ultimate insider perspective...prison. Over the past decade Ferranti has emerged as one of the most revered true crime authors, writing about some of the nation's most notorious gangsters and kingpins with a unique and authentic voice that brings to life a reality most of us will never know." - Scott M. Deitche, author of Rogue Mobster

"Too often, true crime novels that focus on the hood read as though they are written by a tourist. They lack true insider's perspective to make the reader feel as though they are in good hands. Ferranti goes above and beyond the call of duty to leave the reader both informed and entertained." -

Price: $15.00

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