Respect the Jux

Respect the Jux

by Frank C. Matthews

In Jamaica...he learned the art of the "jux": robbing people by studying their everyday movements. by the age of eight, cat was shoplifting and purse-snacting. By ten, he had his first gun. At fifteen, he committed his first murder.

In New York city...he created The Order: a secret society of thieves who played by Cat's rules. He taught his crew how to pull off the perfect jux. Made them swear on a bible and a bullet. Robbed dealers, pushers, thugs. And raked millions. Then Cat was betrayed-by one of his own men.

in Miami...he set up a new operation. bigger guns, bigger stakes. The targets are prime-atheles, politicians, drug lords, celebrities-and the payoff is huge. but the party scene is as dangerous as the ladies are beautiful. Cat has to watch his back and remember the rules: Never trust a thief. Never get caught. And always...Respect the Jux.

Price: [Paperback] $15.00

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