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Shower Posse [Book]

The Most Notorious Jamaican Criminal Organization

By: Duane Blake [Hard Cover] $29.95

The Shower Posse is the “tell all” saga of the Shower Posse, Jamaica’s infamous drug cartel. Headed up by the elusive, mastermind, Vivian Blake, the saga unfolds with a young and impressionable Vivian attending Catholic school in Jamaica. Swiftly the story turns to Vivian’s arrival in the U.S. in search of his “piece of the American dream.” His exploits span twenty years, revealing never before insights into the machination of one of Jamaica’s most nefarious gangs. Besieged with internal strife, brought by brotherly envy, avarice and greed, this eventually contributes to the posse’s downfall. Not before they released a reign of terror, throughout the United States from New York to Miami, from Philly to Los Angeles, and points in between. Wherever the Shower Posse went; murders followed.

The Shower Posse captures the essence of the drug dealing eighties, offering insights into the clandestine operations of marijuana within the United States, which eventually grew into an intricate multi-million dollar cocaine operation. At the helm, is the charmingly calculated, Vivian Blake whose shrewd, business savvy is reflected in his entrepreneurial foresight to import some of the most vicious criminals from Jamaica to many business operations a.k.a. ‘drug bases.’ The Shower Posse reveals the never before tale of how one person, Vivian Blake, was able to control and manipulate a dreadful cradle of criminals, as part of his complex web of operations.

The Shower Posse is a gripping saga filled with intrigue, bloodshed, sibling rivalry, and the continuous struggle for power. The tale is a moving narrative of a young immigrant’s rags to riches story, only this time it’s and impoverished Jamaican immigrant who is the protagonist.

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