Slave to the Trade

by Percy Levy

Written by an incarcerated author, Slave to the Trade is a gritty, realistic urban novel that digs deep into the intricacies of street life. The two main characters, a police officer and a pimp, are the primary movers and shakers in the book; however, the gang members, prostitues, and drug addicts who make up the rest of the cast are equally important when it comes to painting this colorful urban portrait.

Upon his release from prison, a pimp (AD) returns to his old stomping grounds only to find that the power structure of the game has changed dramatically. Gangbangers now run the streets and one in particular - who fancies himself as an aspiring yopung pimp - attempts to make things very difficult for AD.

AD feels overwhelmed as he is forced to hesitate at every prospective turn. In one direction, he is confronted with an agressive, vengeful-minded cop; while in the other direction he is forced to deal with the threats of a cowardly yet dangerous gangbanger. Although violence is not normally part of AD's style, he has no problem adapting to circumstances - after all, he will always be...a Slave to the Trade.

Price: $15.00

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