The Almighty Black P Stone Nation

by Natalie Y. Moore and Lance Williams

In gangster lore, the Almighty Black P Stone Nation stands out among the most notorious of street gangs. Louis Farrakhan hired the Blackstone Rangers as his Angels of Death. fifteen years before 9/11, the US government accused the Stones of plotting domestic terrorist acts with Lybyan leader Muammar Qaddafi. And currently, founding member Jeff Fort is serving a triple life sentence at the only US federal supermax prison.

Were the Stones criminals, brainwashed terrorists, victims of their circumstances, or champions of social change? Or were they all of these, their role perceived differently by different races and socioeconomic groups? Authors Natalie Y. Moore and Lance Williams answer these and other questions in this provocative tale that explores how teens from a poverty-stricken Chicago neighborhood built a powerful organization that united 21 individual gangs into a virtual nation.

Price: $26.95

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