The Rise and Fall of an Urban Empire - The Legend of the Fat Man and the Field Marshal

by Courtney R. Brown, jr.

Eddie "The Fat Man" Jackson and Courtney "The Field Marshal" Brown were labled "Kingpins" in an era where their names reigned exclusively supreme in Detroit. Accumulating more than a million dollars a month in heroin sales, these childhood friends lived lavish, anything they'd desired lifestyles, today's nickel and dime street hustlers can only dream of.

Surrounded by some of the greatest entertainers of their time, The Temptations, Red Foxx, Richard Pryor, The O'Jays and writer Donald Goines to name a few, their customer base was a virtual who's who.

After countless federal and local investigations, paid informants, accusations of police corruption and Grand Jury appearances, The Fat Man and the Field Marshal were finally sentenced to double-digit prison terms. Amazingly when the men were released, their spirits weren't broken. Detroit had made them "kings of the Heroin Game" and not even steel bars could strip them of that well deserved title!

The pair was and still are legendary!

This is their story. the one the Federal officials don't want you to know!

Price: [Paperback] $16.99

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