The Streets of Harlem

The Streets of Harlem

by Lester Marrow

Lester Marrow grew up on the streets of Harlem during the drug epidemic that plagued the ghettos of New York City, and beyond, and defined the post-Vietnam War era. The Streets of Harlem is his real-life account of growing up in one of the roughest neighborhoods in the country.

In his matter-of-fact style, Lestoils (as many of his friends called him) tells the story of the drug game with brutal honesty and in graphic detail. He nostalgically recounts vicious childhood memories but flavors them with the bitterness of regret and resignation. His autobiography chronicles drug deals and near-arrests, murder sprees and sexual escapades, getting money and lots more money. And then losing it all to reckless drug addiction.

Throughout his life, Marrow's one constant love was music, and The Streets of Harlem is rich in the musical memories that accompanied many of his illegal and dangerous activities. Marrow was right there at the birth of hip hop and rap and tells how it all began.

The Streets of Harlem is truly a gripping story becuase it is REAL. Marrow's memories of his experiences will shock, terrify and frighten and ultimately make you feel as if you lived those days right along with him

Price: $15.00 [Book - Paperback]

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