The Tommy Good Story III

The Tommy Good Story III

by Leondrei Prince

"Life After Death" is the last of the six-book series that combined epic stories, Bloody Money and The Tommy Good Story, together in a matter that could have been achieved by the Prince of the Pen, Leondrei Prince...The Hood's best storyteller since the late great Donald Goines, has ended it all in the most explosive way possible...With so many twists and turns, the Tommy Good Story III will have you on the edge of your seat from the first sentence until the last page, and the words "The End", trying to find out what happened next...

YES! it's true, the Prince of the Pen has done it again...he has brought to us yet another hood classic in that raw and gritty real life way that has catapulted him into Black African American history with all the other African American authors like: Nikki Giovanni, Iceburg Slim, Donald Goines, Frederick Douglas, Stokely Carmichael, George Soledad,and everyone else that left their words in the manner of a book...

Price: $15.00 [Paperback]

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