A Piece of the Action

A Piece Of The Action

Starring: Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby,
James Earl Jones
Director: Sidney Poitier

They're back for the third fun-filled time. And everyone is going to get A Piece of the Action. Bill Cosby and Sidney Poiter star as Dave and Manny, Chicago crooks who have made a bundle ripping off rip-off artists who exploit the poor. But they have no intention of giving to the poor, thank you, until streetwise Detective Burke (James Earl Jones) pulls a con of his own. He anonymously gives Dave and Manny a choice: donate time to the Community Center... or do time in the federal pen. Some choice. Dave and Manny scramble in their off-hours to find who's got the goods on them. But their working hours, spent in classroom confrontations reminiscent of Poitier's To Sir With Love, belong to 30 seemingly incorrigible ghetto kids. Soon, the beleaguered Robin Hoods become role models and get hip to the idea of giving instead of taking. So Dave and Manny plot one last sting, a piece of viewing action that's not be missed!

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Price: $19.99 [DVD]

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