A Rage In Harlem

A Rage In Harlem

Starring: Forrest Whitaker, Gregory Hines
Robin Givens, Danny Glover
Director: Bill Duke

Forrest Whitaker, Gregory Hines, Robin Givens, Danny Glover are about to start A Rage In Harlem in this outrageous, hilarious, explosive movie that takes you where the hottest action is uptown! When Immabelle (Robin Givens) arrives from Mississippi toting skintight dresses and a chest of stolen gold, everybody wants a piece of the action including mobster Easy Money (Danny Glover) and the street-wise con man Goldy (Gregory Hines). All Jackson, A virginal God-fearing, love-struck accountant (Forest Whitaker) wants is a piece of Immabelle. They all face one problem and his name is Slim, the man between all of them and the woman and the gold. The heat is on and it's about to blow the lid off as the action and comedy explode in A Rage In Harlem.

Price: $19.99 [DVD only]

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