Alma's Rainbow

Alma's Rainbow

Starring: Kim Weston-Moran, Victoria Platt,
Mizan Nunes
Director: Ayoka Chenzira

Alma Gold (Kim Weston-Moran) has some pretty firm ideas about where a man might fit into her life: Nowhere. The owner of a beauty shop in a middle class section of Brooklyn, Alma keeps a watchful eye over her teenage daughter Rainbow (Victoria Platt), a street-dancing tomboy who she has enrolled in a strict parochial school. But their austere lives are disrupted by a surprise visit from Alma's sister Ruby (Mizan Nunes), who's on hiatus from a marginally successful career as a Josephine Baker impersonator in Paris. Ruby's freewheeling sexuality and often comedic, live-for-the-moment impulsiveness tweaks a cord in Rainbow, causing her to confront her own sexual awakening and provoking Alma to reconsider her own self-inflicted repression.

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