Amos 'N' Andy Amos 'N' Andy Amos 'N' Andy Amos 'N' Andy

Amos 'N' Andy

Starring: Alvin Childress, Spencer Williams Jr.,
Time Moore, Ernestine Wade, Amanda Randolf, Jonny Lee, Horace Stewart

The Amos 'N Andy show achieved notoriety in the 1950's as an hilarious comedy. While stylized, as comedy often is, it was this very style along with superb acting which characterized each episode! As we watch the timeless antics of the Kingfish, Andy, Sapphine, Momma, Amos, Algonquin J. Calhoun and Lightning, we see a full measure of ourselves and laugh heartily. You are cordially invited to enter this very special world of comedy and message as only this cast could create it.

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1400 vol.1
Getting Momma Married

1401 vol.2
Andy Buys A House
The Happy Stevens

1402 vol.3
Andy Plays Santa Claus

1403 vol.4
The Winslow Woman
The Broken Clock

1404 vol.5
Leroy Lends A Hand
Call Lehigh 4-9900

1405 vol.6
The Birthday Card

1406 vol.7
Quo Vidas
Kingfish's Last Friend

1407 vol.8
Andy Falls In Love With An Actress
Sapphire Disappears

1408 vol.9
The Gun
The Turkey Dinner

1409 vol.10
Cousin Effie's Will
Superfine Brush

1410 vol.11
The Antique Shop

1411 vol.12
The Rare Coin
The Young Girl's Mother

1412 vol.13
Kingfish Sells A Lot
Amos Helps Out

1413 vol.14
The Diner
Ballet Tickets

1414 vol.15
Andy Gets a Telegram
Engagement Ring

1415 vol.16
The Adoption
Leroy's Suite

1416 vol.17
Ready Made Family
The Convention

1417 vol.18
Kingfish Gets Drafted
Traffic Violations

1418 vol.19
Kingfish's Secretary
The Society Party

1419 vol.20
New Neighbors

1420 vol.21
Seeing Is Believing

1421 vol.22
The Boarder
Viva La France

1422 vol.23
Kingfish Teaches Andy
To Fly

1423 vol.24
Madam Queen's Voice
Insurance Policy

1424 vol.25
Kingfish Gets Amnesia
Girl At The Station

1425 vol.26
Kingfish The Press Agent
Invisible Glass

1426 vol.27
Uranium Mine
Father By Proxy

1427 vol.28
Chinchilla Business
Andy The Godfather

1428 vol.29
Meal Ticket
Christmas Show

1429 vol.30
Calboun To The Rescue
Andy On Stage

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