Anna Lucasta

Anna Lucasta

Starring: Eartha Kitt and Sammy Davis, Jr.

"Powerful, Outstanding, Extraordinary Performances." - Los Angeles Examiner

"Eartha Kitt and Sammy Davis, Jr. score well." - Hollywood Citizen-News

Based on the hit Broadway play, Anna Lucasta is a "searing illuminating" (The Film Day) and "provacative" (Variety) drama. Sultry siren Eartha Kitt is "vibrantly sexy" (Los Angeles Times) as a lascivious lady of the night, and cool cat Sammy avis, Jr. displays "tremendous appeal and power" (Cue) in this torrid tale of love and greed.

When wild child Anna Lucasta (Kitt) is thrown out of the house by her self righteous father, she falls into a life of prostitution... and into the arms of street-wise sailor Danny Johnson (Davis). But after Anna shocks them all by finally finding true love with a well-heeled young suitor, her unforgiving father sets a vengeful plan in action to remind his daughter of her sordid past ... and distroy her future forever!

Price: $19.99 [DVD only]

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