ASIS Documentary: New Jack City

ASIS Documentary: New Jack City


This is the actual DVD the Federal Government confiscated, used and proved its case as evidence in the Alton "Ace" Capone Coles trial. As a result of this DVD, Ace Capone recieved a life sentence plus 55 years. Ace portrayed it as entertainment, the feds said it's real. Watch and you decide.

Ace Capone, Tim Gotti and their Take Down family are a ghetto success story, street niggaz who found the ultimate cash crop: crack. Unfortunately, with more money comes more problems as two narcotic cops go beyond the call of duty and try to rob the camp of their hard earned riches.

If that wasn't enough, their local connect, King, is hatin' on their recent success and new found independence. Caught between greed and jealousy. Take Down must prove to all these new jacks, once and for all, that they run this city.

Price: $19.99

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