Ball Above All

Ball Above All


Director: Diane Houslin, Jeffery Smith, Bart Phillips and Phillip Mack

Bounce it off his head, cross him up, leave him, then flush…Come down on the break, throw it off the glass (to yourself), and catch one over tow mugs…Pop the collar then tell the crowd to shut up…This is basketball like you've never seen it before. From playground gods, to stars in the 'L' to the hottest hip-hop artists, Ball Above All is straight from the street. Step into the rides, check out the tattoos, see what you've only heard about. Footage of the best dunkers in the world, crazy handle and "Oh my God, no he didn't" moves. Playground highlights so ridiculous the warning should read 'Don't Try This at Home' on the front of this box.

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Price: $14.99 [VHS] $19.99 [DVD]

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