Benzino: Arch Nemesis

Executive Producers: Benzino and David Mays, Producers: Benzino, Leroy "Bum" Peeples and David Mays

"Monster" or "Hip-Hop Savior"? You be the judge.

  • See how the #1 Hip-Hop magazine, THE SOURCE was really started and how the controversial write-up of the group RSO led to the walk out of its chief editors.

  • Witness how Benzino and his team stopped the gang wars in Boston, Mass. by establishing the group Wiseguys.

  • Learn how THE SOURCE gave birth the the careers of many of the journalists & media people covering Hip-Hop today.

  • What really happened between Made Men and Ruff Ryders?

  • What really made Benzino go solo?

  • How big is the beef between Benzino and Eminem? Or is Benzino the only one sticking up for what's really in danger - HIP-HOP?

Price: $19.99 [DVD only]

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