Black Belt Jones

Black Belt Jones

Starring: Jim "the Dragon" Kelly, Scatman Crothers,
Gloria Hendry
Director: Robert Clouse

A former International Middleweight Karate Champion, Jim Kelly made a blazing screen debut with Bruce Lee in the martial-arts landmark Enter the Dragon. Now as Black Belt Jones, Kelly's fiery fighting expertise rips the screen apart in his first solo star turn, featuring screen veteran Scatman Crothers ( The Shining) and sultry Gloria Hendry (Live and Let Die).

Pop Boyd (Crothers) owns a thriving karate school near downtown Los Angeles. Unfortunately, it sits on a piece of land upon which a local mob wants to build its own "civic center." When the gangsters' muscling of Pop leads to tragedy, Black Belt Jones steps forward to exact his individual brand of lightning-charged revenge.

Filmmaker Robert Clouse, who showcased Lee in Enter the Dragon and Jackie Chan in "The Big Brawl", serves up masterful action sequences in which, Kelly says, "every move was choreographed like a ballet." That unique blend of balletic combat and colorful, comic characters make Black Belt Jones light on its feet - and heavy on entertainment.

Price: $19.99 [DVD]

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