Black Orpheus

Black Orpheus

Starring: Breno Melo, Marpressa Dawn,
Lourdes De Oliveira
Director: Marcel Camus

A mythic tale of a passion that defies death and finds immortality in true love, Black Orpheus was Awarded an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and remains one of the most popular foreign films of all time. Marcel Camus' extraordinary retelling of the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice explodes with dance, music, magnificent color photography, and the seemingly spontaneous performances of a brilliant cast.

The tragic love story of Orpheus, a streetcar conductor, and Eurydice, a shy country girl pursued by a man she believes wants to kill her, unfolds against the madness of a modern day carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The doomed lovers lose themselves in the riotous frenzy of the celebration, with its intoxicating samba music, sensuous dancing, and colorful costumes. But the sinister figure of death pursues them through the city's teeming slums, and Orpheus must ultimately join his lover in the world beyond the living.

Price: $29.99 [DVD]

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