Blaze Battle: Round One

Blaze Battle: Round One

Hosted by: KRS-ONE
Commentary by: Doug E. Fresh

Before there was Beef, there was the Blaze MC Battle!

Hip Hop is a true cultural phenomenon. Born out of this global movement are 4-key elements. The B-Boy, the Graffiti Artist, the DJ, and...the MC. urbanWorks now brings you the 5th...the Blaze Battle. Filmed in New York City - the birthplace of Hip Hop - and aired on HBO in 2000, the Blaze Battle World Championship pit sixteen top freestyle MCs in an all out competition for prizes and the ultimate title of Blaze Battle World Champion. The result?

16 hungry MCs in an all out lyrical war for money, power, & respect in the rap game. The Blaze Battle World Championship was created for hip-hop's top freestyle MCs to put their lyrical skills to the ultimate test with an audience of their peers deciding who's best. Local battles were held in New York, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago and Orlando. These winners, along with top contenders from past Blaze Battles, stepped into the NYC arena for this final competition. The event's audience of Hip Hop fans, industry reps and underground Hip Hop purists determined the winners in each round leading to the final round, where one MC will reign supreme. Blaze Battle World Championship has garnered national and international promenence as Hip Hop's premier competitive MC event.

Hip Hop icon KRS-ONE is the evening's host. His superior rhyme skills and commitment to educating the global community about Hip Hop culture has earned him worldwide respect for over fourteen years. KRS hosted the first Blaze Battle and has been a strong supporter since. Also, appearing will be the original MC Doug E. Fresh. His career has spanned 20 years since his days on stage as an inventive and ground breaking MC in the storytelling tradition. His brash duets with partner Slick Rick brought him worldwide notoriety.

16 MCs, 8 Battles, 1 be the judge!

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