Starring: Lucinda Dickey, "Shabba-Doo", "Boogaloo Shrimp", Ben Lokey,
Phineas Newborn III, Christopher McDonald
Director: Joel Silberg

Look out!-It's the hot one, with the hottest new sound,
The record-breakin' movie packing houses all around!

Meet "Boogaloo Shrimp" and lightning "Shabba-Doo".
They got all the moves-and all the hits too!

Like "Breakin'...There's No Stoppin' Us," "99,"
"Freakshow on the Dance Floor:" You'll lock, pop and laugh!

Shabba-Doo and the Shrimp are combing L.A.:
They need a girl partner: enter "Special K."

She's a jazz dancer and she knows how to strut,
But her career's going nowhere; she's stuck in a rut.

So the three team up, and turn on the ignition,
Setting their sights on a big-time dance audition.

Can they buck the odds? Can they steal the show?
There's only one way that you're gonna know:

Take it! Play it! Feel the music in your bones!
Breakin's the original! - the rest are all clones.

Breakin's is the one - see it for yourself!
For dancin' excitement, grab this one off the shelf!

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