Starring: Vonetta McGee, Bernie Casey,
Ron O'Neal, Renny Roker
Director: Arthur Barron

Forget the claims of innocence. Forget the indignity of being hauled before the court for an armed robbery you know nothing about. Just cop a plea and in three months tops you'll walk out a free man. That's what David Thomas is told - but it doesn't turn out that way. The system slams the door on him and throws away the key. Thomas is shut off from the world. But the world is going to hear from him loud and clear.

Former NFL star Bernie Casey plays Thomas in Brothers, a fictionalized retelling of explosive true-life events. Vonetta McGee and Ron O'Neal join Casey in a hard-hitting story tracing Thomas' struggle against an unjust penal system and his love for an outspoken woman professor who champions his cause and delivers his message to the outside world. In an era full of cries of revolution, Thomas will be a foremost revolutionary: admired, reviled, loved, feared. And perhaps even set up to take a savage fall.

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Price: $19.99

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