Cali Lifestlyes 1

Cali Lifestyles 1-Collector's Edition

Presented by: Creeper
Featuring: Mr. Capone-E, Hi Power Soldiers * Mister D * Soutland Gangsters * O.G. Spanish Fly * Slow-Pain
No Scripts, No Actors, All Real!

"CREEPER PRESENTS CALI LIFESTYLE has the raw footage that evreyone's been waiting for." -Latin Rap Magazine

See how the real life is lived in Cali. No fake Gangsters, No fake actors, All Real. See hinas, vatos, and real raw rappers living the "CALI LIFESTYLE". Be prepared for raw fights and fine girls. See partying at the Rosarito Beach and real life in L.A. See how the "CALI LIFESTYLE" is spreading everywhere. See raw rappers representing the "CALI LIFESTLYE". All this plus more!


Price: $14.99 [DVD only]

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