Calisthenics Kingz

Calisthenics Kingz


Calisthenics Kingz is an organization of professional fitness gurus who promote fitness through natural body weight exercises known as Calisthenics. We are NOT breakdancers, or professional gymnast. In fact we DON'T have a gymnastic or any type of dancing background at ALL !!! We believe in a "Four D System"...Drive, Dedication, Discipline and Determination, which can be applied to any part of an individual's life i.e. business, personal, academic and family.

Our mission is to "Challenge YOU to Challenge Yourself". The meaning of that mission statement is YOU are your biggest and best competitor. In challenging yourself, you can never lose. You can only better yourself. That's why it is a win-win situation. In other words, we are challenging YOU to be the absolute best YOU can possible be.

The basis of all our workouts is in the theory of Calisthenics, which is designed to develop muscular tone and promote physical well being. We believe very strongly in calisthenics exercises because they help to build inner strength, self awareness, self-esteem and improve overall body strength and conditioning. Calisthenics is dynamic for building balance, coordination, stability, posture and your core through natural body weight exercises. Calisthenics not only helps to achieve physical results but mental focus as well. It is truly the essence of ANY fitness program.

We believe in human potential and the power of sport to change a person's life in a positive way. We hope to inspire and motivate people of ALL ages (child and adult alike) to take an active role in their physical fitness and achieving better overall health. Which also includes having a well balanced nutritionist diet. For this is very important.

We are convinced that becoming fit and living a healthy lifestyle is the catalyst for positive change in people. We want to inspire everyone to be all they can be without the use of growth enhancements and/or drugs, etc. Helping others to achieve healthier lifestyles brings us a tremendous amount of satisfaction, for health is the most important thing in anyone's life.

Calisthenics is an important and sometimes forgotten component of fitness. It is one of the best fitness component because it requires resistance of a person's natural body weight. It also requires little to NO equipment.

Calisthenics Kingz

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