FEAT: Nas, Young Buck and more...

After winning 'Best DVD Magazine' at the 10th annual Justo's Mixtape Awards, CHEDDAR DVD is back at it again with Volume 7 of the streets and industry's favorite DVD magazine. The streets are about to go bananas about the new joint, this time around featuring Nas & Young Buck gracing the feature stories and the kid J-Young on the freestyle intro.

Cheddar gets all access to Nas' 'Hip-Hop Is Dead' album release party and catches up with Nas so he can explain why hip-hop is on its deathbed and what he thinks we can do about it. The God's Son ain't letting up on hip-hop and his all-out assault on the thieves and marauders is only getting started. Next stop in Tennessee, where we catch up with G-Unit's (maybe not for long...) Young Buck and get an exclusive tour of his Ten-A-Key chop shop. The Tennessee titan is giving CHEDDAR an uncensored look into his life in the Dust Bowl and why he's ready to Buck The World.

And since that ain't enough, CHEDDAR steps in with ya boy DJ Drama catching Mr. Gangsta Grillz before the mixtape raid, asking him about his mixtape distro (ironic...) and what it means to be The iPod King. And CHEDDAR can't forget the ladies...on the set with one of the baddest video models in the game, CHEDDAR laces it up with Elke The Stallion, whose name says it all.

This edition also takes a look at hip-hop's latest set of haters, the Hip-Hop Police. With everybody talking about the Hip-Hop Police and all the fans wondering just what it is, CHEDDAR steps up and runs game. Talking with everybody from Jim Jones to Bun B to Lil' Scrappy, CHEDDAR turns the investigative eye on the po-po as these hip-hop stars dish about the what the hip-hop police are doing in the game.

And speaking of hip-hoppers in trouble, the latest hip-hop star out of trouble is the Dipset's president, Freekey Zekey. Back from his stint in the pen, Zekey catches up with CHEDDAR DVD while in the studio grinding out new tracks for his upcoming album, and he's got plenty to talk about. Talking about his experience in the pen and all the stamps on his penitentiary passport, the Diplomat takes you on a ride through the federal prison system.

And last but not least, CHEDDAR DVD chops it up with the man with the killer crossover, Timmy Hardaway. After going hard at gay people recently and finding himself in some serious hot water, the former NBA All-Star and ESPN analyst is talking some shit on the golden Nugget, Allen Iverson, and especially the NBA referees. And don't forget the Artist on the Grind section, and new videos from SunNY, Rushya, Barnone, PaperChase & Riddick and more.

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