Cleopatra Jones

Cleopatra Jones

Starring: Tamara Dobson, Shelley Winters
Bernie Casey, Brenda Sykes
Director: Jack Starrett

A Turkish Poppy field is torched and a U.S. drug trafficker known as Mommy is feeling pretty burned. She picks up the phone, talks to a few pals at the local police station and orders a retaliatory raid on an inner city anti-drug headquarters. Mommy might next want to dial 911. Because now she'll have to mess with all 6'2" of Cleopatra Jones. Willowy supermodel Tamara Dobson stars as special agent Cleopatra Jones, the drug trafficker's deadliest and most beautiful enemy. Joining Dobson is two time Academy Award winner Shelley Winters, playing it to the hilt as black leathered Mommy. And popular supporting actor and former L.A. Rams star Bernie Casey co-stars as the overseer of the anti-drug house. Like a junkyard dog Mommy is relentless in her anywhere, anytime vendetta with Cleo. Ravishing Cleo responds with catlike karate quickness.

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