Crack Headz Gone Wild - New York

Crack Headz Gone Wild - New York

Presented by: Monkey Hustle Film

Hood Network News (HNN) and Monkey Hustle Film presents Crack Headz Gone Wild Volume 1. The Ultimate crack head movie and the first of its kind. We have located some of the most amusing crack headz in all of the five boroughs of New York City.

You will see real crack headz - no actors, on scripts, no skits, just real life crack headz getting cracked out. This is a real life, sixty minute comedy with crack headz such as RED THE RAPPER who has the ambitions of being a famous rapper but can't stop getting high long enough to spit a quick 16. She tries to shot her own music video to a song she wrote herself. Not to mention she breaks down the history of how the Bloods and Crips got started. Then there is Looney Lucy aka L.L. Crack head. This addicts shoots her own misic video to the old school Hip Hop hit "I need Love". Of course by changing the lyrics to "I Need Drugs". See Mary J high drop down and get her eagle on, and show you how to charm a a store owner out of his bodega goodies with her cracked out singing and dncing. Then there's Wanita a.k.a. 7:30. She is the crack head you never want to argue with because she will kick youe ass! Watch how she holdes it down... and then some!!!

If you have never seen a crack head on the street or witnessed a crack head in a hilarious moment then this is the movie you will want to see. This is the first volume of many that will take you into the world of Crack Headz Gone Wild.

Warning - Crack Headz Gone Wild will CRACK YOU UP!!!

Price: $14.99 [DVD only]

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