Crack: 1st Round Draft Pick, vol.1

Crack: 1st Round Draft Pick, vol.1

Director: Anthony "Triger" Gonzalez and Terrell Blair

The Mixtape World's Hottest MCs, Producers and DJs

Bringing you the hottest ni**as in the mixtape world, Crack: 1st Round Draft Pick brings you the raw interviews and footage of MCs, DJs, producers, and exclusive freestyles. These people school you on the ins and outs of getting on in the industry and the mixtape circuit.

Jae Millz speaks on the battle scene
JR Writer sells over 10,000 mixtapes!
Corey Gunz ready to hold down the BX
Poster Boy's next takeover move
Saigon's humger and BEEF with everybody!
Jae Hood and the D-BLOCK movement

Price: $19.99 [DVD]

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