Starring: Delroy Lindo, Alfre Woodard,
Spike Lee, Zelda Harris
Director: Spike Lee

Find a seat on the stoop and make yourself at home with the Carmichael family as they experience one very special summer in their crowded but cozy Brooklyn neighborhood. It's a time and place so magical and crazy that they nickname their hometown, "Crooklyn", scarcely noting that every passing day brings with it a lifetime of rich and remarkable experiences.

Renowned director Spike Lee fashions a bold flavorful picture of family life that People Magazine calls his "most affectionate work." Academy Award nominee Alfre Woodard (Heart and Souls and Grand Canyon) stars as Carolyn, a loving, devoted, but fiercely independent mother who along with her musician husband Woody (Delroy Lindo of Malcolm X) struggles to raise her family in difficult but often wonderful circumstances. Complemented by an energizing, vintage R&B soundtrack, this tender, colorful film is a fitting tribute to an American family.

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