DonDiva: 6th Anniversary Gala

DonDiva: 6th Anniversary Gala

The Event of the Year

Featuring Special Guests and Music by DJ S&S

And the Movement Continues...

The streets never cease to amaze - 6years strong and Don Diva's yearly anniversaty bash is still drawing the hottest dons and divas. From the tri-state to the dirty south, the corner block to the corporate 9-fivers to the industry hustlers. On November 12, 2005, the Super Club in Manhattan NY was on fire and rocking the way only Don Diva can do it. This was a real grown folks affair and sexy was definately a consistant theme. Who else can ensure that the fellas get an eye full of the fattest asses bouncing to the sounds of DJ S&S. Who else can motivate the ladies and hos (every party needs a good mix) to come out in 30 degree weather half naked in hopes of stealing a deal with a brother for early retirement. That's right, put the Don Diva brand on a fyler throw in DJ S&S, a sponsorship by Capital Records and Power 105.1, with 10,000 in fur giveaways and the equation is certain to equal out to tickets sold out weeks in advance, somebody getting their ticket hustle on at $200 a pop and wall to wall booty poppin with some bad ass bitches freezing outside, looking at their watches thinking, "Damn, it's only 11:00."

Some shit never changes. The non-stop bottle poppin and liquor flowin, Benjamin waving in the air at the bar, and there was enough of the 4Cs in the house to freeze Haiti. If a sold out bar is any indication of how good a party is then hands down Don Diva has the crown.

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