Don Diva

Don Diva 4th Anniversary Party (Welcome Home Kevin Chiles)



Gangsta's and their broads...STAND UP! It's the Don Diva 4th Anniversary party

Friday, November 14, 2003 the cameras are flashing, the film is rolling, and the red carpet is definitely out as thousands of ballers, players, hustlers and shot callers pile into Mars 2112 while over a thousand more are turned away. It's Harlem Knights meets Hollywood. Ghetto fabulous is an understatement, as we show them how it's done in custom made leathers, furs and of course diamonds.

Ears, arms, fingers and wrists are wrapped in enough ice to freeze South Beach in July. PLAYERS from all over the country flew in and repped HARD for the streets as DJ Kid Capri, Love Bug Starski and DJ S&S spun the hottest club anthems.

Do you know what it's like to be in the presence of millionaires and breathe money, and I'm not talking about Jay-Z, P. Diddy or Magic Johnson millions. I'm talking about those nameless n!gg@s that got a million in jewelry on and another couple of million in the safe at home in their gated community. That street n!gg@, that gangsta - whatever you want to call him - He was in VIP, filling up every table in every corner, and best believe it was nothing but RESPECT. "Unrecognizable figures with seven figures." That night VIP stood for very important players, pimps and pussy with major PAPER!

The streets wanted it and Don Diva delivered.

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