Donnie's Story: The Life of Donald Goines

Donnie's Story: The Life of Donald Goines
A film by Kelvin Williams

Featuring Interviews with: DMX, E-40, Ice Cube, Capone Fab 5 Freddy, Benzino, Mike Conception, Fredro Starr, Bun B, Easy Mo Bee, Mike Epps, Sticky Fingers Bo Tie, Miller Lodon, BMF, Cheddaboyz...

Street hustler, pimp, heroin addict, writer

"A Cinematic Gangster Masterpiece"

"Donald Gaines is one of Hip Hops Greatest Inspirations"
-- The Source.

Donald's Story is the unique human story of America's #1 best selling black author of all times, Donald Gianes. Donnie's book such as dopefiend, Whoreson and Blackgirl Lost were inspired by his true-life experiences in the Game. An author who was a Pimp, Hustler and Gangster has published a total of 16 books.

Hailed as "The Godfather of the Game" for his influence on younger generations of hustlers. Goines work continue to flourish within the Hip Hop community. Shot on super 35mm, super 16mm HD and DV wide screen format. Though murdered mysteriously in 1974, he streets speak of the legend as his impact is still felt today. This is his raw true story from the streets of Detroit to become on of the most prolific urban writers the world has ever known.

Price: $19.99 [DVD only]

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